Hello and welcome! My name is Amanda and I´m the founder of this site. I started nailsessions.com to educate and support you in order to bring forward the very best in each of us. I have put together the most valuable information and techniques into my courses through videos, pictures, sheets and checklists. All to make it easier for you to learn and understand without feeling overwhelmed.


Anyone can create beautiful nails.

I know that with the right education combined with support and feedback, anyone can quickly become a master in creating nails! 


My passion

I see people everywhere, struggling with their work, just as I did many years ago.  I know that frustration when you really want to create something but just don´t get that result. Or that frustration when the nails pop off after just a few days. 
My biggest problem was being inconsistent with my work. When you don´t know if the outcome is going to look like as you imagine, it triggers stress. And when we get stressed, we can´t be creative.

After trying about 15 different brands, I assure you, it´s 90% about how we work and not about the product. If we use the our products right, and get the right education, we can get around these problems mentioned above.

I started nailsession to teach, help and support you with the most important information and techniques right from the start so you don´t have to take that bumpy road that I did.
I´m super exited to see your progress and to help you improve your skills!